Friday, January 22, 2010

Star Student

K was Star Student at Parkhills last week. She was so excited. She has been asking me why she had not been chosen to be the Star Student for a few weeks maybe even a month or two. I put it on my remember to ask her teachers list and sure enough I found a note in her bag explaining it was her time. Congrats kid! She was asked as part of her homework to fill out some information about herself that would be posted to a board in her classroom for the week and here is some of what she said. I thought her answers were cute so I had to share especially for my memories sake.

Name, Birthday
Birth Location: Little Rock, AR (her exact phase was uummm, Rock where mommy?)
Person you admire: my Nanna (when I asked her if she knew what admire meant she said...I really like)
Favorite Food: Hot Dogs (she could eat 4 of these guys if I would let her)
Favorite Animal: Horses, Elephants & Dolphins (we had problems with just one)
What I'm good at: sweeping & washing floors, sorting laundry, helping mommy cook
Favorite thing about school: playing on the playground with my friends
One wish: to have a pink sled (her actual answer = one for Lindsey and one for me)

Here is a picture of her from the first day of pre-school this year because I do not think I posted them and a copy of her school pictures for the year.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Miss Labor

So much for needing any help in this house when it comes to keeping the floors clean. If you have ever wondered how I keep them so's my secret. She is mine though so please do not try to steal her! I'll put up a good fight!

Actually, this scares me dearly. Poor thing! I so hope I have not set her up to be a Type A. I guess she has seen me on the floor scrubbing one too many times or we have watched Cinderella and Snow White too much. I hope it's more the latter. K has been washing the floors during playtime since she was very little. I'll see if I can dig up some of the older pictures to post them. Crazy kid...gotta love her idea of playing though. It certainly helps me out except for having to clean up the water everywhere. But, it is only water and That's what I continued to tell myself today after the 8th bowl of it was schlopped down on the tile.

Dec 08 3 yrs old...look at how she was playing with the grout lines. She was as she said cleaning out the cracks...oh boy!

By the way, my floors are clean but you will see in the 1st picture that my windows do not get the same love. I canNOT keep them clean. What's up with this housekeeper! Does she not like windex and paper towels or does she love seeing her handprints and lips everywhere?

And yes, it is the middle of Jan and my Cmas stuff is still up in the 1st two pics. We have not been home a week just yet so please bear with me. I pray we will have time this weekend to put them away. I Love the holiday season and all the decorations but not so fun seeing them mid Jan.

15 months old...I must have introduced her much earlier than I thought...oops! scary!