Sunday, October 25, 2009

Royal Dogs

When you live in a house with a creative little 4 year old only never know what you may find after some quiet time. When I walked into K's bedroom on Saturday afternoon during her one hour break I had NO idea this is what I was going to find. I laughed sooooo hard and I am still giggling over it! K was so excited to get ready for the Mac Trunk of Treats and I guess since she could not get ready yet she was going to dress up our beloved dog. I was sooo proud of my sweet little Allie. I cannot imagine what it is like to be a dog in this house now. Our two shih-tzu girls spent 5 VERY pampered years with us prior to K's arrival and I can only wonder what they think of their life now. They just may be wanting her to go back to whereever she came from because we have had some interesting experiences in this house the last 4 years.

Allie "why, oh why, mommy did you listen to her and leave me up here?"

K requested a picture with her "Royal Dog!"

This was a requested picture too because the princess "commanded that Allie look at her." oh my!

To be fair to Kallee here is a picture I took of them late this summer. Obviously Kallee was the smart dog this day and hid well from the princess.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rain, Rain Beautiful Rain

We have had our fair share of rain lately here in town, Finally! Especially after all those summer months with no rain at all. In this house we are NOT about to complain about it except for the roof leaks we are still battling. That's another story. Yesterday we had another system move through town and before dinner I told K she could go play in it. I have only let her do this a few times and she desperately wanted to go out front IN THE STREET. She was amazed at how the water was pooling or "puddling" as she called it. What I thought would be a quick 20 to 30minutes out there running and playing turned into an Hour. She had a blast and I got to grab a few quick pics... I will NEVER complain about rain as long as I have this sweet playful face with me.
Don't you Love the rain coat with the other mixed match stuff. I think new rain gear is on our CMas list now.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Festive Feeling

I get itches randomly to spruce up this or that throughout our house or the yard. This side of me REALLY scares Wade at times because not only will I find things to occupy my time but then my list begins of things I would like for him to help me with. Oops! Last week with the cooler weather being here and the fact that Fall and Spring are my favorite times of year I made a decision. NO more ugly front porch! Since we have lived here in SA I have been Very laid back on my front porch style so I took matters in my own hands and I had a new project (alongside some big ones inside the house). I had a blast making this! I forgot how much fun I have picking out all the stuff and then crafting these guys. I made a few last Christmas too and we have other wreaths that I have made over the years (have you priced some of the really nice ones in boutiques or speciality stores! Ouch!!!) but this one is now a favorite of mine. I got ALL my supplies half price and a few things were from our local park and my MIL, Debby. Anyway, just some fall inspiration and I am always available for hire if you ever want or have a need for any wreaths. I was so excited to show Wade after I finished it and I always have this fear of how he will react (we have completely different styles) and he said "WOW dear! It looks professional." It made this wreath even more special to me. I am working on finishing the front porch and steps this week and when I do, I will post some more pics.