Sunday, December 7, 2008

Catch Phrases

K has been throwing out a few new phrases the last 3 weeks. Sometimes I have NO idea where these things come from and other moments I think to myself, "welp, that just bit me in the rear". I need to change the way I say that one.

"Hey, what's all the ruckess about!"

my favorite right now: "OH, Pickles!" she says this when she is frustrated

"I'm Not a little lady, I'm a Big Girl." she said this to me the other day when I was casually explaining something to her.

There are several more that she has been saying but this is all I can recall at the moment.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blessing Song

Last night Wade came home late (close out week) and K was still up. The 3 of us crowded into our bed and read books to K and after reading K wanted to sing some songs. We laid there singing for a few minutes and then she started to sing this song, you may be familiar with it but I have not heard it.

(to the tune of where is thumbkin...)
Thank you God, Thank you God
For our food, For our food
Many many blessings, Many many blessings
For our food, For our food
then she paused and said...
Thank you God, Thank you God
For my family, For my family
Many many blessings, Many many blessings
For my family, For my family
& she said ...
Thank you God, Thank you God
for my friends, for my friends
many many blessings, many many blessing
for my friends, for my friends
last she sang...
Thank you God, Thank you God
For lovin me, For lovin me
Many many blessing, many many blessing
For lovin me, For lovin me.

She has been making songs up like crazy lately. Everything has a song or belongs in a song. It was very sweet for both of us to hear her sing this tune. She is constantly singing and dancing and going to bed is no exception for her. My blessing song is a song of love too. I am thrilled God gave us such a beautiful little girl. She is growing up faster than I expected but I feel very blessed to have her in my life...even more so these days with everything that is happening around us. I cherish the moments I have with her and I tell her on a regular basis that I love her and cherish her. I hope you can find the moments to cherish those in your life too.

AF Close Out 08

Wade is in the midst of the Air Force Year-End Close-Out season. Every year since we have been married September is a long month for us. As the month of September comes closer to the end, Wade's days get longer and longer to the point that I hardly see him at all the last 2 weeks of the Sept. He comes rolling in well after bedtime even when I am in la la land (which if you know me, you know I do not go to bed until late, normally around midnight) and he catches a few zzz's himself and then he is up early again and off to work before I get to see him. Our talks consist of catching up over the phone here and there or taking dinner up to his office and spending a quick 30 minutes with him in the midst of the chaos. With K in our lives, it is a little more challenging for us as she ages. Keeping her time occupied and busy as well as her mind can be a task in itself plus she misses her daddy a lot during the month. Wade worked on Saturday from 9am until 4pm as well so she truly loses out on daddy time during this month every year.

I called my parents at the beginning on the month and asked if they would consider driving in for this weekend because I knew how busy Wade would be and I knew K and I would LOVE a visit from Mimi and Papa. They did drive in on Friday afternoon and we all had a blast! I enjoy seeing K with her grandparents. You can see on her little face how much she loves her family especially her grandparents. She gets sooo excited to see them and says..."I can't wait, I can't wait" while running through the house before they get here. It really is sweet and cute! It is too bad that we do not live in the same town. She really misses out on many opportunities to share some special moments with those that are dear. No opportunities for a quick little outing or a fun afternoon or morning with her grandparents or even spending the night while mommy and daddy go have some alone time. These are memories I have with my grandparents and I really love thinking back on them...days or nights spent sewing or painting with my Nana or messing around in my grandpas vegetable garden. Picking up nuts or cracking them. Smelling the delicious foods cooking in the kitchen and waiting for the pies, cookies or cakes...umm. the memories! Oh, I was dreaming, sorry, back to last weekend. It was a low key all around good weekend well, minus my allergy problems. Thanks for coming to see us & help mom & dad. We love you and K misses you lots! It was fun!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

With love, Ike

I am always amazed at how Full life came become. Just when I think that all will be calm and relaxing, something happens and our days become super busy. This past week and a half has been no different for us except we have had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with some of our relatives. We live so close to each other but it is soo hard to spend time together because of the daily grind. I have always Loved having a big extended family and one that is extrememly close - I have always felt loved and comfortable around our family and I sooooo hope K will have these same feelings one day. My aunt and uncle came into town a week ago Thursday due to Hurricane Ike as well as my cousin. Although these were not the best of circumstances to visit with them it was such fun and I miss them now that they have gone back home. My aunt is a Great Shopper and I can not tell you how many memories I have of us spending hours upon hours shopping together. We like to check out all the possibilites...malls, discount stores, consignment shops, flea markets - it is so much fun! Before K was born I would drive from Little Rock to Dallas every month and my aunt would drive in from Houston to Dallas so we could go to Canton, TX (we did this for 2 years). I had a blast with her! This time was no different and it rekindled my need to get back to Dallas soon and do some more Canton time with her. Yes, if you are wondering about Wade well, he still has nightmares of those Canton trips...who knows what I would bring home. Although I do recall him making a trip with me out there on one occassion. What a sweet guy! Isn't it sad that sometimes it takes an unplanned event to bring a family together again?
I hope you will remember all those who were affected by the wrath of Ike and continue to keep them in your prayers as well as do what you can to reach out to those in need.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


This blog is to record our life so that we will have something to look back on later. It is also for our family and friends so you may have the joy of keeping up with what we have going on. We hope you will come back and visit us often!

I am the oldest daughter to Dennis & Debbie, a sister to Kyle, a wife to Wade, a mommy to Karleigh as well as a believer of God's love. I am so blessed to have a child and spend most of my days at home raising her with the values and morals that Wade and I hold dear. I have a passion for (looking for the best bargains) and decorating. I also enjoy cooking for others and trying out new recipes on my family, it shows at times because of our expanding waistlines. I love snuggling up with my hubby to watch movies. My parents started this ritual when we were young and Wade and I have unknowingly carried it over into our family life. I have always seen this time as a great opportunity for family togetherness and I know he agrees. I try to relax and de-stress from this world by traveling, gardening, walking and spending time with family and friends. I cannot forget to mention my love for all things sweet...fruit and chocolate…ummm! For those of you who know me well, you know that I am an organizer to a fault. I have learned to relax some with a child but there are days I am overwhelmed with the need to clean out everything.

Wade is the oldest son to Debby & Larry. He has also been blessed to have Don, his step father and Stephanie, his step mother, in his life. He has a brother Blaine, a step brother Braedon and two step sisters, Kristan and Alyssa. He is a wonderful daddy to our very independent daughter. They share a bond that makes my heart swell with more compassion for him than he possible knows. I love hearing them laugh together and seeing them play. He is a very strong Christian (one of the reasons I was so drawn to him) and he works Very Hard for the US Air Force as a hospital administrator. His passion is for football. ALL football…college and NFL. Everyday he reads the news for his favorite teams and thank goodness we have a DVR for those games when we have plans. He is also an avid golfer!!! He enjoys the sport for the competition and the “beauty” of the courses. Do not ask me if he is good – I understand that he is but truth be known, I have only visited a course with him one time in nine years of marriage. I said I would never marry a golfer – well, as the saying goes…never, say never. I did and Yes, it is expensive but he loves it and that is all that matters. I also have to add his interest in hunting although I cannot recall the last time he went. Poor guy, I guess he works too hard (it is hard enough getting him to take a day off) and when he does have free time it is either home with us or out of town visiting family.

We have been married 9 years - Hooray - as of Thursday! Happy Anniversary dear, I love you. It has been an amazing nine years and I am blessed to share my life with you. God placed you in my life at the “right” moment and he has carried us through many great moments and some major challenges over the years but we are so strong together and I cherish that. Our life together is very full and I would not change a thing. You are my rock and I thank you for the support and love you give to me, Karleigh, my family and most of all, our country. You are loved!

Check back soon, I hope to update this blog in the next few days with some pictures from the summer. We were sooo busy. I will also be working on several other details on the "look" of my blog...more to keep my creative juices flowing!