Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ready Set Go

I made it!  I know this picture is very personal but I am proud of myself for getting through these needles.  I had a meltdown after Day 1 because I was not so sure I could handle all of them.  I am growing!  I know it may seem pretty odd that I took a picture of my stomach with permanent marker all over it too.  The past few cycles Wade and I have been writing messages after each shot to mix it up and have some fun with all the needles and this process.  It's our way of lightening the situation.  some examples of messages include...B-Boy, G-Girl, Happy Faces or Circles for lil eggs.  I am proud to be at this point.  I made it to a place where I never thought I'd feel comfortable.  Injections are still Not my favorite thing to do in this world but I had a wonderful nurse.  Mr Wade!  We are ready for our ER (egg retrieval) on Monday.  I have had 23 injections to date (over the course of 9 days) while consuming 4 meds this past week.   One of which I was taking every 6 hours and had to wake at night to take it.  I think I was more worn out from that every evening than all the injections. Needless to say,  I now know that I can make it through all these injections if I have to.  Thank you Lord for the peace, strength and comfort.  Thank you Wade for your love and support.