Saturday, May 1, 2010

K's Birthday - Year Five Act Two

Wow! This girl knows how to party. I will give her that! I have NO idea where that comes from!?! Yeah right! We have been extremely extremely busy the last three weeks and K is hanging right beside me. She may not have the best personality at moments from all of our activities but I cannot blame her for a few meltdowns as active as we have been.

Note: I did not have my momma camera on me so I pushed my point & shoot to take what I wanted in the dark.

This weekend we have Wades dad, Pops, and Stephanie or Nanny as she is called coming in to see us. They are flying in on Friday and heading back to OK on Sunday after church. It will be a quick trip for them and us but it is wonderful that K will be able to celebrate her birthday with them.

Shortly after they landed and we unloaded everything at the house we decided to head down to the riverwalk for dinner and a night out. Boy was K in for another fun filled night! She sweetly asked her Pops and Nanny if they would take her on a Princess Carriage ride after dinner and they were delighted and jumped on the idea.

I was so excited to see her on the princess carriage (it was even pink and white) since we were throwing a princess party this year. How awesome! This was her first experience having a carriage ride and I personally think it was an awesome birthday gift.

Truth be known, I got very misty eyed as Pops, Nanny and K strolled off. I do not know why but I had visions of her leaving for college one day and getting married and riding off into the wild blue yonder. What was I thinking!?!?!! It so must have been the hormones! Wade snapped me back to reality though and helped me to quickly get over that thought.

She grinned and glowed as they left for the ride and then as they approached us some 30 minutes later she was still beaming. I was deeply happy for her. It was a special moment and memory she was having. Thank you Nanny and Pops, it was a great gift! You could not have made her birthday more special for her. We enjoyed our time with you guys and we hope to see you again soon.

A Birthday Princess must give some love to her favorite horse for the evening!

I know in 10 years this little princess will not look so small.

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