Monday, April 11, 2011

Game 3

This game was as much fun as our first game.  The other team players seemed a bit smaller than some of our girls but 3 of their girls knew how to use their arms and keep everyone out of their way when they wanted the ball.  They also outran our girls, but our girls played better offense.  They kept the ball on the opposing teams side of the field most of the game. They ran down the field faster than our girls but I am hoping that was because it was an early morning game and the girls were a little sluggish.  I think K could possibly have stayed beside the faster girls but she did not run as much this game.  She skipped some.???.  Please don't ask me why, I am not quite sure of the reason. 

She had her game face on and had fun playing.  She played all the positions again.  She blocked 2 possibly 3 attempted goals as the goalie.  We are proud of her!

Pre-game... The Players Pledge

So sweet... K and Sarah during the players pledge.

Starting players on the line. 
Two players with completely different views.  K showing her game face to the opposing team.  Who knows what they thought of her!  What an intense girl.  Sarah checking it all out. 
**These you should enlarge... look at her face!

Bryn ran up and got into the pre-game smack talk with K. 
And yes, I saw LOTS of smack talk although I have NO idea what was coming out of her mouth.  Surely it was good sportsmanship words.

K snarling at the Tigers with a few missing teeth. 
I still laugh seeing these pictures and I can not believe she did that!  She comes from a competitive family on all sides so I suppose I can not blame her.  We're not sure where the smack talk and pre-game stare down came from though...we definitely haven't coached her up on that (Yet) ...according to Wade).

Corner kicking

What form!!!
 Sarah and her determination

CBC girls... all three girls go to school together. 
Lexi, K and Sarah 
The coach rotated the girls again but this time he put in 5 players together and relieved them with the other 5 girls.  K, Sarah and Lexi worked together as part of their 5.

 The goalie cheering on her teammates.

 Tunnel time
Bryn, Lexi and Sarah

K and Kelly (Kelly is the coaches daughter)

The girls won game 3!  The score was 3 - 1.  K was so excited to be a part of the winning team.  I can't wait till the next game...

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Jill said...

her faces are hilarious! missed seeing you yesterday at church...hope you're well! :)