Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kicking for fun...

Awe, the life of soccer.  I was around it most of my childhood life while my brother played and now... K is playing soccer.  To be a soccer mom!  hehe  minus the suburban or mini-van, thanks!!!  K's team, the Gators have had 3 games now and she has played in 2 of them.  We missed her 1st game due to a death in the family but she is picking up the sport and the spirit of the game quickly.  

The verdict...K LOVES it!  I have a feeling we may be playing this sport many more seasons.  She is already dreading the summer coming because she knows soccer will be over.  She loves this fast paced game and we think her favorite position is defense.  She is wonderful at guarding the goal and being the goalie.  She falls into this position naturally.  Although the coach rotates the girls in forward positions and defensive positions, K always falls back and guards the goal when the opposing players get near. 

Being on the sidelines as a parent is Totally different!  I am loving watching her play and encouraging her and her teammates on.  I think I yelled more in game 3 than in game 2 and possibly more than Wade did.  oops!   It is fun and cute watching them play and figure the sport out. 

The Gators Game 2 pics (K's 1st game)... chomp, chomp (with arms out)!

Sarah and K

Sarah sooooo proud to be Number 1! 
The girls got to pick the number they wanted to be.  The smaller jerseys were numbered 1 to 8.  Numbers 9 and 10 were larger... hence K needing one of them.  She chose number 10.  Kyle what number were you?  I sadly cannot recall it.

Pre-game photo ops from the mama-razzi!

Pre-game huddle time

K cheering on her team on the sideline as she waits for her turn to play.  Again, the coach is Great about rotating all the girls so they each get plenty of time to play and learn all the positions.  She intensely does NOT want anyone to score a goal on her team.  More pics on her feelings for this game are below...

This is Sarah's second year to play.  She wants to score goals! 
 (To see the intensity in her face, click on the picture to enlarge it.) 

I Love Sarah's intensity to get the ball moving down the field!
(another pic to click and enlarge)

K and her 1st corner kick op.

Yes, we are learning to control ourselves more with time.  teehee  Sooo cute to see her trying so hard though.  ...enlarge this pic too : )

Getting in the mix and playing the game... I LOVE IT!!! Wade and I are seeing sports in completely different positions - as a parent.

 enlarge these too

Her 1st throw-in

You canNot miss this face so enlarge it grandparents!
 This may be "ONE" of the pictures of the year.  (You have not seen the pics from game 2 yet)  This is K's "BULL face" or game face.  She got to go to her 1st Tuesday practice before we had to head out of town (missed her 1st game) but we made it back to town so she could attend her 2nd practice as well.  While we were getting ready for that 2nd practice she looked at herself in the mirror, put up her muscles and then snarled at the mirror.  I said "sweetie, what are you doing?"  She said, "MOM, this is my bull face!  I am getting ready for the big game!"  I said, "K, honey, this is just practice, not a game."  She said "Mom!  I know but I have to have on my game face there too."      All I can say is OH MY!  Whose child is this?

 K as goalie...stopping a ball from going in.  She stopped 2 balls from going in this game. 

Sarah attacking the ball again. 

By the way, K loved when the ref called for a ball from the players and Wade threw in hers first.  It was not expected or planned but K enjoyed every moment of knowing "her" ball was the game ball.  She talks about the grass stains now.  They lost 2-4.  But, they had a great time playing and I know K learned a lot.  She even discovered that there are time when you may play a game against someone you know.  One of her friends from school at Parkhills and her Ballet class last year was a player for the other team.  They were both quite shocked to see each other. 

Another note to remember for future knowledge.  She has yet to say she is nervous to play or practice in front of everyone.  I am not sure what it is but the kid is scared to death of a stage and she has NO problem getting out in front of people sitting on the sidelines yelling at her.  I think, nope, I know, she loves this game.  You know how she is always asking what "her talent is."  I think we may have found it.  I think she is destined to play sports.  If it is a new chapter with soccer, who knows?  I'll post game 2 pics soon. 

Thanks Amy for asking us to play.

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Jcbaron99 said...

So cute! We are in the midst of soccer as well. Fun times! And that face :0) She looks just like Wade in it!