Monday, July 29, 2013

He got one

W found a car.  We searched high and low for many days/weeks.  He has test driven at least 10 to 20 cars.  We have looked on base at local base families cars who are leaving and needing to sell theirs, thoses leaving from Ramste!n too, local dealerships, we even had a local germ@n friend trying to help us find a good deal and then, this car popped up on a website we were watching.  It was located in a small town outside of Ramste!n for sale by a G family so we had to drive 2 hours one way on 3 separate occasions.  I don't think the base or locals I'm not sure which but they don't make it easy for us to get a car here.  Needless to say though, W got a Mercedes before me.  TURKEY!  I like it ...although I haven't been able to drive it because I still need to pass my driving test.  Can you say...Studying!!!  Hopefully I will pass it on the first time. 

It will look good parked it that big garage of his!  It is in excellent condition!  Congrats hon!

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