Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fresh Starts

Here are a few pictures I snapped of the house today.  None of which have been edited yet but I wanted to share them so you can see what the inside of our pink house looks like.  I am getting really excited about moving in and getting things settled and together so we can enjoy our time together and travel or play ...whichever it is.  I'll post the outside even though you have seen them and what I took of  the inside thus far.  Enjoy!  And, COME SEE US!!!

Schleid Area
 Front view (off to side some)

 side of house

Back side of house

Ready...  here is the inside minus the furniture...
Yes, the kitchen is orange.  It's not dark like it looks in the pictues however.  This kitchen sold me from the start for several reasons.  First, it is huge!  Second, it has more cabinet space than 98% of the other homes we saw.  Third, it has a ton of light streaming in...7 windows to be exact!  There is also a decent amount of countertop space - a true luxury in this country.  Then, my favorite things were...  it has double ovens, double refridgerators, and a huge walk in pantry (NO other home we saw had this feature)  and a corner space for other misc. things.  Awesomeness waiting for a good family. 

Pantry space.  There are 2 great wood shelving units on the right and the extra refridge on the left. Plus plenty of floor space for whatever.

This is the kitchen dining space.

Here is a view looking at our front door.  Ill have to add pics from the outside front door area when we go back on Wed.  You can see the stairs going up or the stairs leading down to the basement.  The first door on the left closest to the front door is a small half bath but it's Much bigger than our last home. What we will use as the guest room will be the 2nd door you can barley see on the left.  The landlord built this as a master bedroom but we wanted to be upstairs for several reasons this time.  This bedroom is just a bit smaller than the room we picked upstairs but it has a few odd walls that our furniture may not work as well with and you'll see why we loved the room upstairs more soon.
soon to be our guest room  (carport area and garage are seen out the left window)

This is the huge den area.  The pictures do not do it justice!  The walls are grey and a beautiful deep red.  There is a glass door that I will be able to shut so Wy cannot go up or down the stairs without us...yes, they have keys to them too so I can lock them!  : ) You can see the pink in the back windows, that is again where the garage area is.  There are doors just before you get to the red space that open to an outdoor patio space where we will put our table and chairs.

 This is in our den looking back toward the front of the house.  The kitchen is the doorway in the back middle.  The left door goes to the front and the doors on the right go to the patio/driveway area.

This should be our guest bathroom but again we will be upstairs so we will mostly use that one except this one has the only tub.  We discovered that most homes only have 1 tub. Normally it is in the master bath and all other bathrooms have a shower or just a sink and toilet.  This bathroom gets a ton of natural lighting. 

So now we are going upstairs...

 This room is more peach than pink and we are not sure if K will take it just yet... it is a bit smaller than the other room upstairs but we are working on her b/c we'd like to not paint and our landlord has been really busy and would prefer to not paint also.  We will see if it will be hers or not.  If she takes the other room she will have to live with it being blue and we will have to paint this one something for W.  It's a good size room though.  The view is out to the front side of the house.  Not the best view but still nice with plenty of light.  There is a huge walk in area just before this room that we will all use as a closet space.

Nice space before the peachy pink room for a good closet.

 What we will use as a master/family bathroom.  It will be nice having the washer and dryer up here with all of us too.  When we were looking at houses the washer/dryer were placed everywhere in homes.  Bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, garages, dark basements, you name it.  I will have to go on some antique or used furniture hunts to find some dressers for this bathroom and a few other spaces to help with storage in the house.  There are lots of nooks and crannies to place some pretty things.

This is the 2nd bedroom upstairs.  It may or may not be W's.  It makes an L shape and overlooks the backyard or garage driveway area. 

 I will post pics of our room soon.  The landlord was painting it for us so it was a mess.  I cant wait to sleep and relax in there.

This is the stairwell leading down to the main level.  You can barley see the front door.  The view out of the ceiling window is amazing!

 Now we are back to the main floor and looking at the stairs leading into the basement area.

This is down in the basement.  This is the biggest room there. This room is huge.  As big as our loft space in SA.  It will be great for the kids toys etc.  There are 3 rooms of the right of it and an unfinished half bathroom as well as an under stairs space on the left and a mechanical/equipment room on the left too.

 The landlord actually purchased this home on foreclosure and has finished it out thinking he would live here but his girlfriend has yet to be convinced.  : )  You can tell he loves this place. 

 THIS is the GORGEOUS VIEW in OUR backyard!

 My 3 loves.

W and W walking toward the compost area and the back tree line.  On the other side of that tree line is the soccer field.  : )

This is in the back yard looking toward the front of the house.  You can see the patio space I was talking about off of the den just behind my car.  You can also see how close or not close the neighbors are. 

I'll post more pics soon...
Can't wait to share it with all of you.  Come see us!

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