Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Festive Feeling

I get itches randomly to spruce up this or that throughout our house or the yard. This side of me REALLY scares Wade at times because not only will I find things to occupy my time but then my list begins of things I would like for him to help me with. Oops! Last week with the cooler weather being here and the fact that Fall and Spring are my favorite times of year I made a decision. NO more ugly front porch! Since we have lived here in SA I have been Very laid back on my front porch style so I took matters in my own hands and I had a new project (alongside some big ones inside the house). I had a blast making this! I forgot how much fun I have picking out all the stuff and then crafting these guys. I made a few last Christmas too and we have other wreaths that I have made over the years (have you priced some of the really nice ones in boutiques or speciality stores! Ouch!!!) but this one is now a favorite of mine. I got ALL my supplies half price and a few things were from our local park and my MIL, Debby. Anyway, just some fall inspiration and I am always available for hire if you ever want or have a need for any wreaths. I was so excited to show Wade after I finished it and I always have this fear of how he will react (we have completely different styles) and he said "WOW dear! It looks professional." It made this wreath even more special to me. I am working on finishing the front porch and steps this week and when I do, I will post some more pics.

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Jill said...

i LOVE it!! can we have a craft day soon where you can help me spruce up my christmas wreath? i have an evergreen but EVERY year i end up changing it because i just can't get it "big" enough. it looks pitiful now and i am thinking i am going to strip it again to start all over. help!!!