Sunday, October 25, 2009

Royal Dogs

When you live in a house with a creative little 4 year old only never know what you may find after some quiet time. When I walked into K's bedroom on Saturday afternoon during her one hour break I had NO idea this is what I was going to find. I laughed sooooo hard and I am still giggling over it! K was so excited to get ready for the Mac Trunk of Treats and I guess since she could not get ready yet she was going to dress up our beloved dog. I was sooo proud of my sweet little Allie. I cannot imagine what it is like to be a dog in this house now. Our two shih-tzu girls spent 5 VERY pampered years with us prior to K's arrival and I can only wonder what they think of their life now. They just may be wanting her to go back to whereever she came from because we have had some interesting experiences in this house the last 4 years.

Allie "why, oh why, mommy did you listen to her and leave me up here?"

K requested a picture with her "Royal Dog!"

This was a requested picture too because the princess "commanded that Allie look at her." oh my!

To be fair to Kallee here is a picture I took of them late this summer. Obviously Kallee was the smart dog this day and hid well from the princess.

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Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Good to see you posting again! I know it takes time and lots of energy. I go through spurts now and don't read blogs or post like I used to. Not enough time and don't want Lindy to picture her momma in front of a pc...

Love seeing your little fur babies...