Thursday, August 12, 2010

Princess K's Room

(I purchased these letters, painted them white then glued the fabric on. The fabric is from the baby bedroom I put together in Little R0ck before we moved.)

This post is for my SIL Heather who is currently working on her soon to be sweet baby girls nursery. We have been chatting together the last few weeks over this and that and I told her that I would post some pictures of K's room since she has not seen her room since it was transformed from a baby room to a big girl room two years ago. There are still a few small details that need to be fixed or taken care of but for the most part... it's together.

This is the only room in our house that I consider to be d.o.n.e. I have had fun finding all of the little nic knacks for K's room. I know it is a room that will be ever-evolving in our houses but that is okay because I LOVE to decorate. K's room was the first room in our house that I started decorating when we moved in and the first room that was finished in this house. You will notice from the pictures that some of them are dated from a few years ago.

This post is picture heavy but I designed it that way with a very specific purpose in mind. Insurance! Hopefully all of these pictures will help me to remember the specifics and give us the added benefit for documentation purposes when it is time to move again. If you think I am crazy please know we had an insurance claim around $20K when we moved here. It was Not fun or Pretty!

(this picture was taken today.)

(The picture on the wall was in my 1st apartment over my couch minus the boa)

(Mimi bought the canopy over the bed. We also used it around her crib too! )

(Aunt Carolyn purchased this chest and I recovered it and turned it into a toy chest which will hopefully be a hope chest one day.)
(the outfit and caterpillar are no longer in her room - sniff sniff)

( Papa bought the puppy dog b/c I had one as a little girl that was very similiar and this dog reminded him of my dog. He gave it to us the day we brought K home...Mothers Day 05. I fell in LOVE with this rug, knowing all the tea parties I wanted to have with K.)

(I see lots of make-up or dress up days here.)

(Nanna found this antique chair and I recovered it for her room.)

(Nana, my grandmother, made this basinett from my wedding gown train. One day it will be for K's children but for now it is a great bed for her babies.)

(Vintage Cabbage Patch clothes for my cabbage patch doll that K now plays with and for the one she got for Christmas last year.)

(This room was the 2nd room Wade put up crown molding in. He is very handy and I love that!)

(Some sweet friends from Pl*asant Valley church in Little R0ck gave me this and I cried when I read it - how very true it is and what a sweet memory to have of them!)

(These curtains took MONTHS to make but they scream princess and are a Perfect fit to her room!)

(The monogrammed pillow on the chair is from the baby crib bumpers Nana made. She made K's crib bedding too and it was hard to part with the bedding since it was so special to me so I had the monogrammed bumper made into a pillow after we moved K to her big girl bed.)

(I dreamed of a blue ceiling with clouds for her... blue skies and rainbows...)

(I love this grouping of pictures although I have since changed the larger picture on her bookcase but you can see our 1st sonogram picture of K - it shows her gorgeous face in utero.)

Baby girl please know that I have loved every minute I have spent shopping for the special details in your room. There is a lot of love behind many of the items in here. One day I will tell you about all of them and where or who they came from.

We are ecstatic to meet both of the little girls coming into our family. It's going to be so much fun being together and watching them grow up. It's truly a blessing! I wish I was closer to help more with all the shopping, spoiling and babysitting but please know I am always willing to chat or squeeze in a quick trip for my family. Love you!


Jaime said...

I love all the details of her room and it is even more special to read the explanation behind each one. Karleigh is lucky to have such a special "palace" to reside in. :-) Great work, Momma.

The Toby Family said...

I love her newly decorated room!! Bittersweet that she is growing up so fast. I love her "hope" chest cover and monogramed bummper pillow. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. Wish we lived closer to eachother! I really miss you guys. Maybe we can strategically plan a time for you to come up and help us decorate :) Love you!

Deborah said...

Definitely a room for a princess! So pretty!