Monday, June 24, 2013

New beginnings

We are officially in Germany! 

Here are a few of our first thoughts mixed in with some jet lag. 
Germany is Beautiful!  First notices...  LOTS of audi, Volvo's, Mercedes and BMWs w other brands mixed in (ford).  Roads are amazing .. drivers are very courteous.  They don't drive in the left lane and they move quickly as you approach from behind... they drive very fast though.  The people don't smile in the airports.  It's Weird.  There are wind turbines everywhere and driving and seeing all the vineyards is amazing!  The buildings are all very industrial (old/worn) looking or modern high tech.  The small towns are seriously beautiful on the rolling hills everywhere.  The trees are pine-like but HUGE and all lean with no foliage on the lower half.  It reminds me of how dense and tree filled Georgia is.  It is sooooooooo green here.  The weather is gorgeous!  
The bathrooms in the airport were very modern...weird and tucked in a corner, almost hidden.  Everyone smokes... they have either a cigarette or pipes and the smells are all around.    If you get a shopping cart expect to have to pay to use it and we hear the restrooms are that way too but fortunately they were not at the airport.  The airport was huge and seriously busy with lots of travelers.  The kids and I got a kick out of people watching for awhile while W looked for our shuttle man.  As K said there were "thousands of people."  It was a very clean airport though and customs was no big deal.  It surprised me.  It was not like my experience in Korea or England when I traveled years ago.  We are still adjusting to all the signage... in the airport, on the roads etc.  It's odd.  I'll learn quickly though.  I've got to.
Leaving the airport with all our luggage was hilarious.  We got lots of looks and some laughs from locals.  Obviously they have not had to move like that before.  10 suitcases, 2 car seats, 5 carry-ons, 2 dogs and 2 kids!   WOW!  That was hard. We had to carry everything up a flight of stairs and thru the whole airport to find our shuttle.  Thank goodness that is over.  We are staying in a 2 bedroom apartment on base.  We were blessed to be given 1 of 2   3rd floor rooms.  Upstairs ... no elevators.   Awe.  Carrying the stroller, Wy and the dogs will be fun all week.  I think I may be losing more weight soon.  hehe  Sadly, our room is one of the older ones (bc we have the dogs) so we do not have wireless internet.  Its killing us.  None of our devices work.  No cellphones, no ipad, no itouch.   Hopefully that will not be the case when we get to Spangdahlem on Sat.   
What is nice but a huge adjustment is how quiet it is.  The silence is amazing.  And at night, it is so dark!  I brought 1 night light thankfully and since we are on base for now we can use it.  Base housing etc has US and euro plugs for appliances.  
K is enjoying her time here thus far.  She has made several positive comments.  One was with W while walking the dogs... she thinks trail walking and investigating will be lots of fun here because it is so pretty outside and the other time was with me in the wee early hours this morning.  She mentioned she is enjoying how close everything is and how we are together. 
Wy is still adjusting.  We hear it will take him a week or 2.  Hopefully that is the case.  It would be nice to have his schedule in order before W's change of command.  He was up most of the night and he has slept most of today.  Ive been trying to keep him awake but he just cries and cries so I lay him down after awhile b/c it breaks my heart keeping him up and hearing him so miserable. 
speaking of.... duty calls.  I will post pics as soon as I get a chance. 

Hugs and love!

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