Friday, June 28, 2013


Our favorite new word here is Ausfahrt.  We all think it is funny hearing it and then saying it makes the kids laugh so hard.  Ausfahrt is the German word for exit.   You see the word on every exit sign on the highways or any where else an exit is located.  It's a funny word. 

Life is simple at the moment and it is a breathe of fresh air for me.  Not having all the "stuff" is nice.  I may be selling a ton more once everything arrives.  If it arrives in one piece that is.  We are shopping for a car for W.  Looking is fun, who knows what we'll end up with.  He just needs something to get to work and around the area the next 2 years etc.  We also are starting the house hunting search.  We will really start looking once we arrive in Spang over the weekend. 

K is loving life.  She goes to bed around 2 am and is getting up around 2 pm every day.  I am hoping by the weekend her timing is a bit more around 12am to 12pm at least.  Of course, it would be hard for her to go to bed any earlier than 10pm right now since it does not get dark here until 10pm or a bit afterwards.  Weird, I know.  Wy's sleep schedule is still all over the place.  Today we woke around 11am and he just fell asleep (probably for a quick nap).   That means he'll probably be up around 1 or so and awake until at least 3am.  Ugh.  I at least finally got 7 hours of sleep last night.  I think that was a first for me in 4 weeks! 

I have to share how well our dogs are adjusting to our new life.  Our apartment is on the 3rd floor of our building and since we are so far up and I am up late at night with the kids, I occasionally don't want to take the dogs out for a walk to go to the bathroom.  Terrible mom! I know.  But, the logistics of it all is not easy...hold Allie because 3 flights of stairs is not easy on her and her old legs or eyes,  hold Wy and control Kallee on her lease.  Then deal with all the cool weather gear for Wy and thanks!  Plus, I still don't know what is out there at night.  : )   So, I have begged my dogs to "try" to go out on our balcony of our apartment.  Low and behold... they have gone on the piddle pad I placed out there.  Who knew!  Who knew that our 13 year old shih-tzu girls could be such good girls???  Now, if I can only train our baby boy that well one day.

Speaking of training we have had a TON of advice given to us by taxi drivers.  Germ@ns are not afraid to share and tell you what they feel or think!  We have had MaNy interesting conversations. 

We haven't had any major adventures yet.  We are still adjusting to the new time change, the weather and there are plenty of playgrounds around the base for the kids to try out as well as a dog park and a wooded area behind our building that K thinks is completely cool.  You can see some of it in the pictures I am posting. (the view is from our balcony)  Right now this is enough to keep her happy and wondering.  The Base Exchange here is ginormous.  We have dropped in 3 nights to eat and mosey through the stores.  K is in love with a local store.  I must admit that I am smitten with it as well.  It sparkles in this little place.  It has all the typical germ@n goodies.  Cuckoo clocks, some gorgeous handmade dolls, puppets, nutcrackers, steins, Christmas ornaments, and carousel pyramids.  I think we will be price shopping and getting a few of these great things.  I am already planning and K has already begged for a cuckoo clock and a puppet.  Sorry honey.  We did have our first experience with a German restaurant tonight.  It was delicious!  We had jagerschnitzel.  I'll eat it again but I better start running soon if I am going to continue to eat these local meals.  : ) 

Say a prayer for me... I will start studying for my driving test the next day or two.   Should be fun!!!

For now Auf Wiedersehen (good bye)...

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