Sunday, June 23, 2013

Whirlwind Birthday Uno

I so hope this boy does not have to endure birthday madness every couple of years like his first one.  I know there are worse things in life but man!  This day was NUTs...scratch that... the past few weeks were nuts but we made it and our little guy turned 1 year old.  insert the crying because I really haven't had time to think about that yet. 

I was able to put together a small party for him.  YAY!  for me/us.  Here are a few facts from this past week...We no longer have a home. All our belongings are in a moving facility stored somewhere in SA (a shipment is being readied for a ship that we will finally see somewhere sometime around 8 weeks to 3 months from now, another shipment is prepared for a plane which we will get hopefully in 4 to 6 weeks and the other load is sitting in a long term storage area).  WOW!   Currently, We are living out of suitcases... in a hotel.  2 adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs with family trying to come in to get their last few days with us. We closed on our house today.  We are currently homeless!  I put my car that was a lease and we had to purchase in order to have it in G3rmany on a ship 4 weeks ago.  W sold and dropped off his car today.  We (W and I) have only had around 1 to 2 hours of sleep the past 4 nights.  Who knows how much sleep I have had in total the past 2 weeks getting ready for this move.  I am sooooo ready for this next phase of life sooooooooooooooooooo life. can. slow. down.  (breathe)  Once we are on that plane, I know everything may finally hit me. 

To make this short and sweet.  I love, nope, adore this little guy.  He has had a wild 1st year but we are learning and growing together.  His first 6 months were filled with tears and screams and frustration from his reflux pain as well as colic.  MAN Oh man...that was not fun!  Of course, once we figured out it was reflux around his 6th week, that helped me/us understand him a bit more and want to help him more.  Especially since he NEVER sleeps.  This boy is a true partier.  He can live on a good 3 to 4 hours of sleep.  With 1 morning 30 minute nap and an afternoon nap around an hour.  He is NOT his sister!  No comparisons! 

We finally got a good groove going and feeling better about our life and role in caring for him (some reflux relief) and daddy had to deploy for 6 months.  Throw momma another curve ball please!  We made it through those 6 months though - together, alive and very thankful for daddies return home! 

W is amazing!  We are in awe of what a miracle we were given and how blessed we are to have him.  I pray I/we continue to do what is right for him and give him all he needs...  The sayings, "boys roar"  "little boys make noise" is so true. We call him our "not so quiet W".  He came out kicking and I think he may go through life this way.  He is full of life. 

Here are a few random pics of our sweet friends who could join us.  Gonna miss you so much girly!  I am going to miss La Hac!enda too! 

Here are the Birthday Boys!  W and his Papaw celebrate the same Birthday.  Thanks for coming to SA and celebrating with us Papaw!!!  We will miss you. 

I had Gig!'s make cupcakes for us!  It will be our last time to have them so we got birthday surprise cakes and chocolate cakes.  Here is W's first look at them...


Our lil family!  So blessed to have them.
These 2 were inseparable for many years.  Not sure how life will be without them together.  S is like my other daughter.  I'll miss you and your sweet friendship with K.
K and her BEST buds.  They are truly lil buds too.  I am so proud to call them good girls and good friends.  It has been a blessing and amazing watching them grow and bloom into who they are today.  We will miss you and your momma so much Miss L.  Can't wait till we see you all again one day.

Thank you to ALL of you who came.  We are truly grateful for your friendship, prayers and love over the past 7 plus years.  We will miss you very much. 

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