Saturday, September 6, 2008


This blog is to record our life so that we will have something to look back on later. It is also for our family and friends so you may have the joy of keeping up with what we have going on. We hope you will come back and visit us often!

I am the oldest daughter to Dennis & Debbie, a sister to Kyle, a wife to Wade, a mommy to Karleigh as well as a believer of God's love. I am so blessed to have a child and spend most of my days at home raising her with the values and morals that Wade and I hold dear. I have a passion for (looking for the best bargains) and decorating. I also enjoy cooking for others and trying out new recipes on my family, it shows at times because of our expanding waistlines. I love snuggling up with my hubby to watch movies. My parents started this ritual when we were young and Wade and I have unknowingly carried it over into our family life. I have always seen this time as a great opportunity for family togetherness and I know he agrees. I try to relax and de-stress from this world by traveling, gardening, walking and spending time with family and friends. I cannot forget to mention my love for all things sweet...fruit and chocolate…ummm! For those of you who know me well, you know that I am an organizer to a fault. I have learned to relax some with a child but there are days I am overwhelmed with the need to clean out everything.

Wade is the oldest son to Debby & Larry. He has also been blessed to have Don, his step father and Stephanie, his step mother, in his life. He has a brother Blaine, a step brother Braedon and two step sisters, Kristan and Alyssa. He is a wonderful daddy to our very independent daughter. They share a bond that makes my heart swell with more compassion for him than he possible knows. I love hearing them laugh together and seeing them play. He is a very strong Christian (one of the reasons I was so drawn to him) and he works Very Hard for the US Air Force as a hospital administrator. His passion is for football. ALL football…college and NFL. Everyday he reads the news for his favorite teams and thank goodness we have a DVR for those games when we have plans. He is also an avid golfer!!! He enjoys the sport for the competition and the “beauty” of the courses. Do not ask me if he is good – I understand that he is but truth be known, I have only visited a course with him one time in nine years of marriage. I said I would never marry a golfer – well, as the saying goes…never, say never. I did and Yes, it is expensive but he loves it and that is all that matters. I also have to add his interest in hunting although I cannot recall the last time he went. Poor guy, I guess he works too hard (it is hard enough getting him to take a day off) and when he does have free time it is either home with us or out of town visiting family.

We have been married 9 years - Hooray - as of Thursday! Happy Anniversary dear, I love you. It has been an amazing nine years and I am blessed to share my life with you. God placed you in my life at the “right” moment and he has carried us through many great moments and some major challenges over the years but we are so strong together and I cherish that. Our life together is very full and I would not change a thing. You are my rock and I thank you for the support and love you give to me, Karleigh, my family and most of all, our country. You are loved!

Check back soon, I hope to update this blog in the next few days with some pictures from the summer. We were sooo busy. I will also be working on several other details on the "look" of my blog...more to keep my creative juices flowing!


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Welcome to bloggityville. I tried to comment the other night but the comments weren't up and running. Hope you'll have lots of fun documenting your family fun. It can be quite addictive.


Unknown said...

What a lovely beginning post! Congrats on joining the rest of us who enjoy as Lisa said a very addictive documentation of family fun.

Deborah said...

Welcome to blogging! What a great post.

Jill said...

hey you! glad to see you are up and running :) and happy anniversary...i didn't see you on thursday at school, but hope you guys had a fun day.
and by the way, i got your message the other day and did not notice at all that you were in a hurry...NO apologies needed. i actually was looking for you tuesday because i was stuck at parkhills with a car that wouldn't work! all is well now, thank goodness~

Jaime said...

Welcome to blogging. I can't wait to read more and see cute pics of you all. Happy belated anniversary!! Hope you had some time to celebrate with each other.