Monday, September 15, 2008

With love, Ike

I am always amazed at how Full life came become. Just when I think that all will be calm and relaxing, something happens and our days become super busy. This past week and a half has been no different for us except we have had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with some of our relatives. We live so close to each other but it is soo hard to spend time together because of the daily grind. I have always Loved having a big extended family and one that is extrememly close - I have always felt loved and comfortable around our family and I sooooo hope K will have these same feelings one day. My aunt and uncle came into town a week ago Thursday due to Hurricane Ike as well as my cousin. Although these were not the best of circumstances to visit with them it was such fun and I miss them now that they have gone back home. My aunt is a Great Shopper and I can not tell you how many memories I have of us spending hours upon hours shopping together. We like to check out all the possibilites...malls, discount stores, consignment shops, flea markets - it is so much fun! Before K was born I would drive from Little Rock to Dallas every month and my aunt would drive in from Houston to Dallas so we could go to Canton, TX (we did this for 2 years). I had a blast with her! This time was no different and it rekindled my need to get back to Dallas soon and do some more Canton time with her. Yes, if you are wondering about Wade well, he still has nightmares of those Canton trips...who knows what I would bring home. Although I do recall him making a trip with me out there on one occassion. What a sweet guy! Isn't it sad that sometimes it takes an unplanned event to bring a family together again?
I hope you will remember all those who were affected by the wrath of Ike and continue to keep them in your prayers as well as do what you can to reach out to those in need.

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Jill said...

ok girlie,
i know you've been up to lots of fun stuff...get to blogging about it so that i can keep up with you!! :)