Friday, December 11, 2009

34 Reasons to Celebrate ...

Wade's Birthday was Sunday and it was from my perspective...perfect. I think he felt it was a good day too. My parents were in town for the weekend mainly to help us watch K while Wade and I attended a church class Christmas party Saturday evening. Sunday morning we did not make it to church because my parents were leaving early and we were really tired from the week of very late night hours every night. We laid around and had a relaxing lazy chatty morning with my parents until they left. I then proceeded to our bedroom and left Wade to his football games while K and I watched some Christmas movies together and played a few computer games. Could a guy complain about being left all alone with his couch, remote and football games of his choosing on his flat screen tv? We then rustled around and dressed for evening church services and to take Wade to a new restaurant he wanted to try for his birthday dinner. Church and dinner hit the spot to finish off our Sunday and his birthday. But, we then headed to Chill*'s to pick up a chocolate cake and home to devour it. Yeah, I know, what about being a good little wifey and baking him a cake? Truth be known I made chocolate bread pudding on Saturday and he was thrilled about sinking a few forks into that and then I mentioned our favorite dessert. He grinned and I knew I would be nibbling on the most delicious chocolate cake known to man. Plus, K and I had a trick up our sleeves. We had discussed going to our favorite cake shop and picking up a cake or cupcakes for him on Monday. Lots of sweets in our house, yes, I know. I probably put on 10 pounds this week.

Now for some mushiness and an attempt to give you 34 reasons as to why I am celebrating the guy I know or this life that God has blessed me with sharing. I love you honey and I am still thankful God granted us an opportunity to meet at that cafe that led to a beautiful wedding and crazy life together.

Ready for church and dinner at Pal*ma Blanca

1. Those eyes and that smile, ummm, this is what first caught my attention...melted me down to the core.
2. His stature is one that makes me feel safe and protected.
3. His beliefs in God, the church and being a christian. A moral compass (inside joke with some friends of ours). He is very faithful.
4. I could feel his compassion when he spoke...especially about faith, work, family and friends. I enjoy this compassion and can understand this compassion.
5. His honesty and trustworthiness...I have caught him in a few mishaps and he fesses up and for wonderful reason I have never felt any issues in regards to trusting him.
6. Communicating with him keeps me grounded. We have wonderful conversations involving politics, religion, love and life. He stimulates my brain and keeps me thinking.
7. He believes that God is first then family and work.
8. His career...the Air force has given him a wonderful education and he works very hard for them. He serves proudly and very admirably!
9. He is open-minded (97% of the time, hehe) doesn't he have to be with his career and our ever changing living location, job location, co-workers and bosses as well as any obstacles that K and I throw his way.
10. He is a dependable person. If I can reach him during the day in my moments of trouble, he can walk with me or calm me down depending on the situation. At times I am scared of how I would live without him and his support.

11. I use to think he was laid I know it is just purely untrue and all laziness! giggle giggle (I had to put a joke in somewhere honey) He still is laid back in many areas to the point that it DRIVES ME NUTS but I do love that about you too.
12. His be a better christian, man, husband, dad, son, brother, family man, all the while working to advance himself in his career.
13. His manliness. He is a guys guy. He loves to hunt (although I grew up with it from my dad and our families-its not my favorite past time). He loves sports and all the terrible for you food that goes with watching them. He loves golf, he can get his hands REALLY dirty and he loves the outdoors minus the hot weather.
14. My most appreciated now ... his handiness. That boy can figure out how to make anything if he has the time and the desire. I cannot tell you how much molding he has put up in our 2 homes, walls he has painted and stayed in the lines, shelves he has installed, things he has cleaned up, yard projects he has accomplished as well as working on our cars from time to time. If he was only around the house more... hehe.
15. He is a great dad. You never know what kind of dad a guy will be unless you have seen them around other children on a regular basis and I did not have this luxury. Wade is wonderful with K and K loves her daddy so much! He is her rough and tumble and giggle and find trouble, her temper and I must admit probably her brains. He has always said he is a borderline genius and I am thrilled he passed this on to our baby.
16. He is a family man. He cares for all of our family.
17. He is 98% of the time optimistic and 100% faithful. Our 10 years together has shown me this time and again.
18. He loves eating and great food just as much as I do. Our days in Charleston started this adventure and developed our taste buds like no other. I know I can always make him happy through his belly.
19. He is soooo book smart it is sick. Ask him how many books he opened during his masters program sometime. He would really be in trouble if I was the same way!
20. He is persistent. A strong woman who can be hard headed at times needs a man that can stand and take it or find ways to ask for what he wants.

21. He is our financial guru. I know because of him we will one day be very stable maybe not really rich but very comfortable.
22. He is stable. He may have a few quirks but we all do - not me of course - but I know he will be strong, reliable and firm in his decisions especially when I need him to be logical with business or money decisions.
23. He loves to travel and have new experiences. God has blessed our world with so much to see, discover and learn about/from. I have a companion that enjoys this discovery as much as I do.
24. He thinks I'm pretty! And he likes my cooking. He loves how I decorate our home even though he wishes I could do it with someone elses money. enuf said
25. He allows my creative and organized side to express itself and he complains only minimally about it.
26. We are both night owls. It makes for some great snuggling time and chilling out in front of the tv watching movies.
27. He loves gadgets or better said electronics. Which selfishly makes me happy too. 28. He is a private person (not boastful) and definitely not secretive. We share everything and I think that fuels my trust in him and all the experiences we have had as a couple.
29. He is the BEST sandwich maker I know. He has perfected his craft of making sandwiches and on those nights that things are crazy busy or I am exhausted, I know that he can stand on his own in the kitchen and make a mean sandwich as good as some famous bakeries.
30. He is analytical. Which means at times he can understand me or the opposite we don't see eye to eye because we are talking in circles. But this trait has helped us make and work through many situations together.

K was adamantly against a typical pose and had to have mommy work with her.

31. Even though he is a hunter, he has a love and appreciation of animals. Very important for me and K because we both have huge hearts for Gods creatures.
32. He has a very strong moral character. It's hard to sway or change his opinion because of his beliefs in what is right or wrong or black versus white. He sees very little grey.
33. He is diplomatic and level headed. We all need this trait at times.
34. The best reason of all...HE LOVES ME and our daughter K and our dogs and our cat and our home and this life that God has blessed us with. WHEW! (wiping my brow) I was not sure if I could do that but yeah me! the words just continued to fall on the keys of my computer.

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Jcbaron99 said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing Kristin! Happy Birthday to you Wade!!
Love, Cristie and family