Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Friendly Beasts of Christmas

K's school had their annual Christmas program on Thursday. I look forward to this program every year at P*rkhills. I think mostly because it is purely Christmas to me. Singing songs, being joyful, watching the story of baby Jesus, hearing the sweet voices of children and all the excitement. It brings back so many memories of my youth and singing in the church choir, the school choir and performing alone on stage for Christmas programs. Love it all and miss it!

This was K's third year participating in the story of Jesus and the Friendly Beasts program at P*rkhills and she has grown so much each year. When the kids are two and three years old they get to stand up on stage and sing a song or two with everyone and then they take their seats and watch the Pre-K children perform. This year was K's year to perform since she is in the Pre-K program.

Ms Bonnie, the music teacher at P*rkhills does a wonderful job preparing them for this show and working with them. She must really be on the ball because she has around 45 to 50 Pre-K kids to get ready for the performance and around the same number of two and three yrs olds as well to teach a song or three to. It is quite a large program for such small kiddos and they all do so well. It is just adorable watching them too.

K was a candlestick this year. She wanted to be a donkey (horse in her mind), a cow or one of the other animals but her teachers, Ms. Kim, Ms Karen and I were concerned if she would be able to handle one of those roles because of the individual lines and her voicing her concerns when practicing. We decided together that being in a group setting with several other kids would hopefully ease her fears a little more and help her for future events too by boosting her self esteem.

K was not crying the morning of the show but I can vouch for her nerves. It is soo funny to me that she gets nervous because she always performs so well. (Although I am not sure why I cannot understand her nerves because I can remember my legs shaking while at Ms. Texas one year. I can recall my chest breaking out in red patches at many other events too. And, I loved being up there preforming whatever just not in front of sooo many people). K makes it look as though she is not nervous at all, you'd never know she was nervous unless she mentioned it to you.

Our morning began with her in our bathroom getting ready and practicing her lines, sooo cute to. She came in saying "We shine for Him," "We shine for him," "We shine for him..." all the while her hands were moving in a circular movement to shine for him. I casually asked if she was excited and she said "yeah but I am nervous too mommy." I told her that she would be onstage with all her friends and many of the other kids would feel some nerves too and that was okay because we all get nervous at times but it is how we handle those nerves that matters. I reminded her of all the times she has performed, so to speak, and how well she did each time and I asked her to try to remember to take a few deep breaths and if she would say her line so mommy and daddy could hear her in the audience. She said, "Ms Bonnie wants us to say them loudly and clearly." I said that is exactly right honey and I know you can do that. Boy do I. I also told her that her teachers would be near her and if she forgot for a moment her line they would be there to help her so please ... no worries baby. You'll do great!

Most of the kiddos get excited about putting on a show for their families and I am so proud of them but I am even more proud of those few that are scared to death to be onstage in front of others and they still get up there and participate as asked. I know of two kids in K's class this year and a few others not in her class that were either in tears most of the morning getting ready for the show or very vocal about their nervousness and still nervous during the show. But, they were troopers and stood there on stage and preformed as asked. I am so very proud of them. They are predominately only 3 and 4 years old when you stop and think about it.

To my candlestick, You shined very brightly baby! You spoke loudly, clearly and showed us your charisma. I was thrilled and proud to be watching you and I so hope we have many more performances. I love watching you. You are growing up so fast and I am so impressed with how you face your fears - that fills my cup of respect for you. Way to go girl!

For the grandparents, Wade got it all on the camcorder so you can see the show too. I know K will be eager to show you. If we can figure out our new camcorder, we will upload a short clip from the full length version just of Ks part as a sneak peak. We do have a few more pics too, mostly of her friends from class. K was running around after the show wanting a picture with all the classmates she could find.

Merrry Christmas all!

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