Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa in Steubing Ranch

K finally found the "courage" as she put it, to meet Santa today. She has really wanted to meet him this year and on two other occasions I have tried to take her but she would end up saying she was too scared before we were ready to go and rather than make it a big deal, we just let it go. I knew one day she would come around.

We told her yesterday after one of those attempts, that Santa was coming to our neighborhood for a quick trip today and that he was here to see all the kids with one of his elves. If she wanted to, we would take her. She thought about it and initially told us "no, I'm too scared" but as we drove home from church today she said, "let's drive by so I can see him." We did and she acted completely disinterested. Home we went, changed clothes and then...she said "can we go see Santa? I want to tell him what I would like for Christmas." So we changed again and up to the park we went.

Thank goodness for his sweet little elf because we told the elf that K was a little concerned and that this was the closest she had been to Santa before and she gently took her hand and said "if you want you can sit on my lap on the ground" and K agreed. YIPPEE! Then the elf gave her a goodie bag and asked if she wanted to shake his hand or sit on his lap..."No" K said "but I want to tell him something." Leaning over but not too closely she said "Santa, I really want a pink sled for CMas and some snow." Poor girl has asked for the same sled for 2 years now and some snow. I wonder how that will happen in this town, let alone in this state? Maybe we can take her to Colorad* one day soon. Then the elf asked if she would sit on her lap on Santa's lap and K agreed. As long as it was not her on his lap!

She once again faced a fear and I am so proud of her. It may not have been on Santas lap but I am all about being a cautious person so it's okay with me. I'm not one for forcing kids to sit on Santa's lap just to get a picture. It's just not worth the stress and the meltdown for me. I am also not about pushing a natural instinct because fear of others is not always a bad thing. We should trust those instincts.

After all her courage she got a free cup of hot chocolate with marshmellows
Thanks to the nice HOA staff and St*rbucks. They also had apple cider and cookies out for everyone too.

*~*Merry Christmas*~*


Jill said...

yay karleigh! glad she found her courage :)

Jaime said...

Oh, we drove by before Santa arrived and Briggs had fallen asleep on our way home so we just went home for nap. I am glad you went and that it was good time. :-)

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

How cool! I'm glad Karleigh overcame her fear of the man in red. I swear I've seen that elf before...Maybe at Northside CofC??? If it is the same girl, she's great with kiddos.

Love your festive blog!