Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dancing Bean

K had a dance show on Monday night at LA Perf*rming Arts. This was her second time to preform a dance routine (she had another show after a one week class she took back in Jun). We enrolled her in a ballet class with her good friend Scarlett on Monday mornings this semester and she will be completing the class next semester too. It was just adorable watching all eight little girls between three and five years old dance for all the parents. K was on the back row with two other girlfriends, Scarlett and Bella. (K and Bella are also in the same class together at P*rkhills). They were the taller girls and they all looked adorable together! I think we were all very proud mommas.

Just a few weeks ago I was beginning to fear that she was not interested in dance and wondering If I was going to have to ask for a refund for the spring semester class but now I am almost positive that she loves it. I am wondering if part of her renewed excitement toward dance was taking her to see the nutcracker ballet. Did that motivate her and help her to want to be a better dancer? She did get in the car after the nutcracker ballet and say she wanted to learn to dance as beautifully as the girls and kids did.

K can certainly shake her booty and she knew most of her moves to her two songs before it was time for them or without looking at her dance instructor. Wade said after the show was over and I so agree, "she will either be a good dancer one day or a great cheerleader with those expressions and dramatic moves." She was very animated and really enjoyed herself. To my surprise she did not utter a word of fear. I did tell her earlier in the day that I was excited to see her onstage and she said "ON STAGE!" so I back tracked and said "no,no sweetpea. You are just dancing in your classroom with the chairs set up for parents to see you." Not another word was mentioned and she even fell asleep in the car on the way that night. Of course, I did see fear kick in when she first walked into the room and saw all the people and I got a little nervous she would walk out but she did it! I even think I had to find her off button or stop button once the show was over. That Adrenaline must have kicked in!

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Jill said...

it was a cute little show and i'm glad they are doing it together. hopefully next year they can all do it again since they won't be seeing each other at school :( boo!