Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday

I love this holiday! It's all about love, sacrifice and being a christian. Things I think we all need to remember on a daily basis.

I also enjoy this holiday for the sweet memories I have as a child...hunting with friends for eggs, getting ready to go to church with my family and having lunch at my grandparents and seeing all my cousins. I can even recall the voice of our pastor while he was giving the sermon about the importance of the day and what we should be thankful for and how we should try to live our lives.

Life has presented a different Easter picture for our sweet little girl and I can only hope and pray she is blessed with many great memories of this holiday too. She may not get the family time with her grandparents and cousins (which she constantly asks for) but I hope she knows she is very loved, extremely special and that we are all proud of who she is becoming.

Thank you Nanny and Pops for the Easter card and gift. She loved receiving them and she wore her special jewelry all day Saturday and again on Sunday to church. Thank you Nanna and Papaw for the box of goodies. We are working on a card for you now and you can expect to see some princesses on it. Thank you Mimi and Papa for the card and the DVD. I have seen the fr0g princ* six times just this week. It's our new favorite musical. K sings the songs from the movie for hours afterwards. If I have not said it yet, it was extremely sweet of you all to mail her something. Thank you from Wade and I.

After church we had lunch together at the Chee$ec@ke F@ctory. Not your traditional meal but it was a nice lunch considering I did not have to come home and cook then clean it all up. We relaxed the rest of the afternoon, called all our families, colored some eggs together and then got ready for the church egg hunt that evening. Yep. That makes egg hunt #3 for the week. At the least, K should have many memories from all the egg hunts she goes to.

This egg will be........PINK!

Mom, please can I have some candy?!!!

NO Mommy! You are giving our hiding place away.
Playing hide n go seek from Jarrett.

*scroll down to check out K's other egg hunts on Apr 1 and Mar 31.

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