Friday, April 9, 2010

Household hoodlums!

K and I came home from a mommy and me book fairy event at church to discover that our two sweet little shih-tzus had NOT been SO SWEET.

We walked into the house and right away I felt something was wrong. K was standing very still and silently after she came into the house staring into our den. She was just standing and staring very, very quietly! You know there is something up when my child is still and or quiet! She did not move for what felt like a few minutes and then she said "OH NO! MOM!!!"

I think her silence and stillness must have resulted because she was trying to figure out what had happened. I have a feeling her brain was in overload thinking...Who did this? It was not me.
What were they doing or looking for? I don't know.
When did this happen? I don't remember seeing this before I left for dance.
Why did they get into my basket? I don't know!
Then I think she saw all the little pieces broken off of her plastic wind-ups toys and the chicks and rabbits everywhere and that was it. Shock must have set in and turned into frustration. Have you ever seen a 4 yr old chew out a dog? It truly was one of those things I wish I had on video! I actually had to walk out of the room once because I was giggling so hard. It really was sad what they did to her stuff and yet so funny to see it all. I definitely did not need to say anything to our dogs, K had it covered!

I am not sure who was more upset after we both cleaned up everything. K, from seeing her basket rampaged by her beloved dogs or me? I was sooo shocked. We have had an Easter basket on the floor the last three years and those dogs have NEVER gotten in to it. Go figure, I had a hunch the night before I loaded all the goodies in her basket but I just brushed off the instinct. I have a sneaky feeling that the chocolate fix the girls got two days previous to this ordeal took over their tiny taste buds and brains. They were going to open each and every one of those eggs no matter what. Look how carefully they opened them too! They did not crack or break one single egg. Amazing!!!

Update: I started this post back in Apr. It is now early May and our two sweet little girls were most definitely switched out with some other dogs at Easter! I have had more problems with them the past month than I have had in the past 8 years. WOW! I feel like I have another child in the house that is being left alone too much. It is constant these days. They are tearing up things... mostly K's toys or little things laying around the house or leaving their blessings in a room for us to discover. They have never behaved this way. They also brought fleas into our house. Lets just say I am a nut about little organisms and I cleaned like a crazy person for two days. I striped all the linens in the house, sprayed every inch of our interior flooring and begged Wade to spray our yard asap. OH WHAT FUN I HAVE HAD! I am being least I know that. The anticipation I have now walking into the house from being out.... is not fun most days. NUTS I say...just NUTS!!! They are 10 yrs old and although they gave us an amazing early parenting experience their first 2 years of life they have been wonderful dogs. Ask me about those early stories one day...amazing little things thought they could eat their way out of a room though our sheet rock. Needless to say, they are locked up now when we leave the house and their quarters are only getting smaller and smaller the more they try to resist me. Little do they know I was a first born and we 1st borns are not quitters! I too am hardheaded and I will not let them take over my house. Little hoodlums!

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