Thursday, April 1, 2010

Egg Hunt #2

Thursday was P@rkhills Easter egg hunt. K loves hunting for eggs with her friends. She asked me what day it was several times leading up to the event because she was trying to figure out how long she had to wait before looking for all those eggs her friends brought.

This is the last year K will be attending P@rkhills so I had a hard time not going to her egg hunt and taking pictures. I have showed up to watch her play with her friends in the park and hunt for eggs the last four years. It truly does not seem possible that we have come this far. It's happened more quickly than I could have imagined.

Check out the outfit she picked out for the day. The top has a bunny on it with a big pink polka dot bow and it says "Some bunny loves me..." The pants truly looked like a zebra running when she was on the search for eggs and her little legs were moving quickly. I laughed so hard at some of the pictures I have. I thought the set was so cute when I purchased it but I was hoping she could wear it for the church egg hunt on Sunday. It worked for school too but momma's plan and daughters plan do not always mix so I relinquished my plans and rolled with K. I picked up the set at a Dallas boutique. It is from the same designer that made some of the tops I wore way back when I was younger. (in school - like junior high and high school that is) I specifically remember I had a cheerleading shirt made by the same company. I even had a friend walk up to me at K's school and ask if that was the same designer she remembered too.

The Lion class or Rainbow Room.

Happy hunting...

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