Saturday, April 3, 2010

Milestone Time

K is a month shy of turning 5 and we hit another milestone recently. She is 68 pounds now which means she has outgrown her Brit@x car seat. ohhh my baby! How can it be? She is only over by three pounds but we travel so much that I cannot stand the thought that it only takes one time for the worst to happen. My philosophy is that it's better to be prepared than to be sorry. I found a great deal on our new booster seat from my favorite website and we made the switch.

Adjusting all the straps while playing with it...

She picked out a PINK chair. Can you believe it? hehe It looks really cute in our car though. I steered away from pink or girly things (carseats, strollers, etc) all these years just in case we had a boy. Boy, was I misled! So I let her "pick" what she wanted this time. Hope she likes it as much as she says she does. This one will be with us a very long time. It can support weight up to 125 pounds and allows us at a later date to put the lap belt over her. Goodie, goodie!

Here's my big girl who looks even bigger in her new chair. Ouch! I can not take it...My heart is aching. Help me someone please!!! This is when my arms really long for a little one. That's information for another post another day though.

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Jill said...

i will need to find out what chair that is...of course, poor scarlett will probably be in middle school before she outgrows her car seat. ha!
and, on the baby front-i am praying for you all the time! know that you are being lifted up often :)