Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Do, Short Do, What's a girl to do?

For the last 4 or 5 months I have been struggling with wanting a new hairstyle. If you know me well, you will know that I put a LOT of thought into almost all of the things I do. Yeah, it drives me nuts that I am that way sometimes but, this dog ain't learning any new tricks in that department soon! So, I tipped my toes into the thought of cutting it short for many months and I decided I needed to find something easy, cute and appealing to my hubby. I have always loved having longer hair and I have always thought I would keep my longer hair even in my "older" years. Yeah, this is the same girl that use to tell my mom "I would NEVER color my hair. Nnnnooooooo! I would go gray naturally and not fight age." BOY was I WRONG!!! This girl ain't going down without a fight now!
I showed up to my appointment this morning and Minnie, the lady that cuts my hair said jokingly, "Well, are you biting the bullet and bringing me pictures of a short cut?" I just laughed and said "Minnie, I have 3 pictures that I can not decide on...I like them all but they are all different." She said after seeing the pictures "Oh my Gosh! You were not kidding girl." I guess she must have thought I was too chicken or flighty to go for a short cut, who knows. I have been going to her for almost 4 years and she is use to me bringing in pictures with "looks" I love so that was nothing new but obviously the "looks" were though. We talked LOTS and lots and I finally said "you decide, I am sure I will love it." Of course, I had NO idea that the first cut was going to be so big. I saw 10 years of money, love, a baby, 4 moves, and my marriage drop to the floor. "No going backwards now girl," Minnie said. And I am thinking..."AUGHHHHHHHH! What HAVE I done - do not hyperventilate...you'll be okay and IF you hate it. It will grow out. You have done this before, it's just been a long time. You are always telling K to be strong and a big girl - eat your words mommy. You're use to change - you can do this." Do you see a pattern of self confidence talk? Then I was fine - maybe because I faced the wall the majority of the time instead of a mirror? Do you think Minnie did that on purpose? When I saw myself next I had wet hair still and I thought "OHHHHH MY GOSH! It's short and I think it's shorter than I was ready for...I did it and I think I may not like it - it will grow out some and it will be cuter." Then the styling time came and my smile grew and grew and not from fear.

I have to add K and Wades comments too. I walked into K's school to pick her up from pre-K and I was Very nervous because I forgot to tell her I was getting a haircut today. I was very unsure of what would come out of that little mouth especially after we saw a very nice looking black lady in the grocery store yesterday and K said in a very loud voice and we passed her shopping. "Mommy, that lady has ORANGE hair." See my fear? But, my sweet baby said, "Mommy, you look beautiful!" as soon as she saw me. I melted and sighed! Wades reaction was a bit different, he walked in the door tonight and the look on his face was priceless! He stood still at the door and said "oh my! It's shorter than I was expecting." Then he proceeded to follow me around the house for about 20 minutes. I think he likes it too.

It is so funny how we can get attached to our hair. Change it is for me! I think it's cute and I feel trendy again but it will take some getting used to seeing this lady in the mirror. But, oh dear! I need lipstick now and my makeup will need to be adjusted some and oh yeah! time to go shopping for some fun hoops. OHHHHH to be a girl!

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