Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wikki Sticky

I guess I got my dose of "Oh My Gosh! with a giggle under my breathe" from K this week. I walked into My bedroom today after K's quiet time to discover that she had created embellishments on our room decor. I will say it was great work and it took quite a bit of time for me to unravel some of those sticky wikki stixs. NO wonder mommy she was so quiet! I had a feeling I should have peeked those instincts. We had a talk about the proper use of them and not applying them to any of mommy's furniture or other household items unless she asks first. Whew! I will give her an A+ for creativity and effort because that had to take some time but I do not think she was following house rules.

NOTE where she has them placed...around the lamp, on my crystal drops (that we had to clean to get all that sticky stuff off). She is something else. Please know, she had plenty to do. She had various activity books and colored pencils to do some mazes, picture searches, coloring books etc. Plus I brought down all of her Disney Princ*sses and this is what she chose. hehe

Was she trying to give the plant piggy tails? Now you know what happens in our house. At least it is not eggs, right mom! Do your kids find their creativity during quiet time too?

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