Monday, November 23, 2009

One little, Two little, Three little Indians

I am behind on my blogging and many other things in our house because our computer crashed days before Thanksgiving. We were at least able to rescue All our that...major blessing in our household! I would have gone nuts to loose all my pictures and Wade would have gone mad over all the quicken info. Anyway, I have wanted to post several updates so here is the first of many...

K celebrated her Thanksgiving Harvest Feast with her classmates at P*rkhills Mommy's Day Out on Tuesday. She has been so excited about this event and she started talking about it the first day of the month. I guess the girl loves eating and spending time with her friends. ummm, sounds like my kind of girl! They had fun and although I did not get to attend, (I had a scheduled chop-your-hair-off appt) she said it was wonderful.

K happy about her homemade chocolate cookie

K and her friend Olivia

Her teachers Ms. Kim and Ms Karen had a slight mishap while making the kids shirts but I Love how they worked through it and made their class some awesome vests. K said her favorite part one of their days before the feast was picking out what exactly she wanted to stamp on her vest for the special feast and her Indian name. She was pink pony. Imagine that!  Two of her favorite things. The following day they made their headdresses and she was again excited to wear hers for the thanksgiving feast.

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