Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful Thanksgiving

This year was not the typical Thanksgiving for us but we are very thankful for the change. We decided to stay home and have a smaller thanksgiving with just the 3 of us after many factors made it evident that traveling this year was not likely. It was odd planning everything for 3 people but after our bellies were full, we were very happy with our decision to break routine. We got a turkey from H*neybaked Ham and I made the rest of the sides and a pumpkin pie. Wade and K's pick but I was not complaining. The only thing I missed and I am hoping to catch somewhere over Christmas is some cranberry salad or sauce. I was worried on Thursday that K was going to be down not having anyone to play with but as it would turn out our neighbor was home and K had a play buddy for 2 hours while I cooked the meal Thursday. Awe such a relief. After we ate and cleaned everything up, we got out all the Christmas decorations for the inside of our house and cranked up the Cmas tunes and started decorating. It was fun, festive and nice.

I think we have decided since this year was so low key for us (and we loved it) that we are going to add it to our rotation every third year. One year with my family, the next with Wades family then a thanksgiving to ourselves so we can have a few traditions for our little family too. This way we are not spending the four days traveling on the road and dealing with holiday traffic, packing, unpacking, not sleeping in our own get the point.

Because we stayed in town we attended the praise and pie at church on Tuesday evening which was great for all of us.  K got to play with her good girl friends and then we all enjoyed ourselves eating different pies (getting our fix of pecan pie since I was not making one). I also got to have a night out and dinner on Wednesday evening with a good girl friend here in town. Such a wonderful blessing too.

Friday was the day after turkey day and we do not normally hit any of the Black Friday sales or stores but I had the shopping bug and we journeyed out after much interent shopping and seeing all the deals. I think Wade secretly liked it too once he saw how much we were saving on the things that were on our list. We had a great day...relaxing at home in the morning and then some shopping for a few hours during the afternoon and dinner out that evening. What more could a girl ask for?

On our way...Rudolph was going too for moral support.

Saturday we attended the Nutcracker performance downtown. I was soooooo excited for this event. My parents use to take me as a child and I love the story and show. I have fond memories of this show and sharing them with Wade and K sounded like a great idea since we were home together and not traveling. We got dressed up for the afternoon show and headed out. K was excited but then fear kicked in and although it took about 20 to 30 minutes for her to warm up, she loved the show. We arrived a little early knowing she may need the time to adjust and I am glad we did. Her head was buried in her hands and she was humped over trying very hard to Not see anything even though it was only the preshow. It took me saying to her once the show started, "you have a choice, you can either sit here and watch the show and cover your ears or we will leave and go home - you decide". She chose to cover her ears and watch the first half and by the second half she was on the edge of her seat singing all the songs (totally different child). She said as we were in the car heading to dinner... "Mommy/Daddy, that was the best day ever...Thank you so much for taking me to see the Nutcracker. Can we go again to see it?" That Melted my heart...I'll happily take her any year! It was Wades first time to see a ballet performance too. I was not quite sure how he would do and react but he said he really liked the story and enjoyed the show with all of us. I am Proud of you dear for hanging with your girls! He may want to try to get use to seeing men in tights if his baby girl continues on her dancing path. giggle giggle

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