Wednesday, February 10, 2010

37 and counting

My Birthday was on Saturday and I think it's really odd that this year I did not feel a day older! Except for the early mornings we have been having lately...I could really do without them. Last year, I dreaded my birthday for some reason and truth be known, I have never been one to worry about age. I do not care for all the wrinkles I am starting to notice on my face or neck or the dark hairs that are popping up here and there and I certainly don't like dealing with the grey hairs on my head but hey - I will continue to try not to focus on how old I am getting and enjoy the little things. So, here's to another year and trying to age gracefully.

I had a wonderful weekend! Thanks to my honey, K, my parents, our family for all the sweet birthday cards and all my friends (especially all the faceb*ok messages). Mom and Dad came in Friday and we all had a casual dinner out together that evening. Very nice, thank you! My birthday on Saturday started off with getting to sleep in late-awesome. Wade got Kr*spy Kreme donuts for breakfast for all of us - yum! and he and K picked out my favorite flowers as a surprise - Stargazer lilies - gorgeous and I can still smell them now! We all laid around very casually and played the Wii together for the better part of the day. It was a Great day with just good ole family fun! Mom and dad stayed with K for the evening while Wade and I headed out to share our favorite meal - sushi! I posted on faceb*ok a question for everyone earlier in the day..."new restaurant or favorite oldie?" and it was unanimous. Go for the old favorite. We headed for sushi and tried some new rolls...Heaven! If you have not tried the cosimo roll, it's amazing! Just saying, give it a try. We came home to have birthday cake that Wade and K also picked up earlier in the day and snuggled up to watch a love story movie. To top off the weekend my honey gave me some new jewels which made me feel even more loved and blessed. It was a great weekend all around, thanks for making it special. I Love you all.

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