Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pajama Day!

Today at Parkhills was Pajama day. Each week the school kids work on learning about a letter from the alphabet. They learn how to sign that specific letter and then they learn how to sign a specific word that starts with the letter of the week, they work on writing it in upper and lower case forms and then they are given homework that includes finding things at home that start with the letter of the week and gluing or attaching them to the assigned homework sheet. This week they were studying the letter "P." In our house, "P" is for princess so we colored our homework page Purple and put princess stickers all over the purple colored homework page. I know there are plenty of other fun things that start with a "P" like pretzel, popcorn, peanuts, etc but our girl HAD to have nothing less than princesses on her homework. She was quite adamant about it when I offered other suggestions. hehe

She knew pajama day was coming and she was excited as usual about going to school. I must admit, I loved it too! How awesome was it that I did not have to dress her at all. Brush those teeth and the hair, put on some shoes and off we went. As soon as we got in the car, K and I started to sing the Sandr@ Boynt0n Pajama Time book. We sang that song the whole way to preschool this morning and it is still ringing in my head. Pajamay to the left pajamay to the right... jamma jamma jamma jamma P! J! It's pajamma time!!! It definitely was at Parkhills, the halls and classrooms were full of kiddos and teachers wearing their comfys. It was quite funny seeing all the teachers in their pjs too.

K had a great day and talked about it all the way home including getting to see a bit of the Peter Pan movie and having Popcorn with all her preschool friends during down time. And yes, I decided on which pj's I thought she should wear this time...a little sugar & spice. That's our girl just as the saying goes...sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what little girls are made of!


Jill said...

it was a fun day and perfect since it was so wet and dreary!
she looks darling!

Jcbaron99 said...

Adorable! Can't believe how grown up she is getting!!