Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rodeo Day

February is one of those months for us...plenty to do with lots of fun. Thank goodness for January because it gives us time to rest and relax after the holidays and all of the end of the year madness and time to get geared up again for the new year. 2010 started off a little differently for us this time because of Wades grandmothers death on New Years Eve but we did enjoy our time with our family and K got to play with lots of her cousins even meeting a few that we had not met before. Even with the snow storm and the passing of Virginia, we did get some rest over the holidays due to being gone so long and those wonderful grandparents who would watch her in the morning and let us sleep in. Thanks Mimi and Papa and Nanna and Papaw...we always appreciate your help and love!

Tuesday was Rodeo Day at Parkhills and K has been looking forward to this event. She gets so excited for Rodeo time here in SA. She loves to dress up in her "cowgirl" attire. Wearing her boots and taking her cowgirl hat to school is "the best ever" according to her. She picked out what she wanted to wear the night before, she had to look "cuter than cute" she said. She even came down to our room at 7:30 to get me up so she would have plenty of time to get ready for the day and so she "would not miss anything." If you know our girl then you know 8am is an early morning in our house and the only time I can think of her waking at 7:30 are those days when we are visting her grandparents and she can't wait to get up and spend the day with them. It's like she knows without us telling her that her time is precious and limited so she better get up and get going and home is the place where she can catch up on her sleep.

There will be many more posts the next week or so... we have pajamma day Thursday at school, my birthday soon, the SA Rodeo, get the message. So stay tuned. I hope to catch some cute pics here and there and post them. Have a great February everyone.

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Jaime said...

She looks so cute...i hope she had fun at school that day.