Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Party

K had her Valentines party at Parkhills today. 15 bags of treats to hand out to her friends and LOADS MORE to bring home. Happy Valentines Day!

I love All holidays but I think I am becoming overwhelmed with all the candy in this house. This year K and I went to T*rget and I let her pick out what she wanted to give everyone. I was surprised she picked out the exact same valentine princess cards as last year but then again she loves her princess toys and movies so I should have known. She has been working on her writing skills so we used the opportunity to practice writing her name on all 15 cards and she did a great job even though we lost one man (card) due to her name running off the card. WOW! Those were really large letters. I think the only letters that made it on the card were Karl. Not quite her name. We also stashed princess stickers, a princess pencil, a lollipop and a few chocolates into each bag (I am sure the boys in her class just loved all the princess stuff) and we tied them up or as K said we, "tied them with a kiss." It was a fun afternoon project for us to go buy the stuff and then get them ready together for school. The girl is perfecting her art of shopping though. Too many times she would run up and down an isle and say "mommy can we get this for my friends? It says it is, 9 . 9 9 ($9.99). Didn't you say you wanted to stay under that amount?"

I am sure like all kiddos as soon as she walked in the door from school she was ready to check out all the goodies she got from the day. I may not like all the candy but I do enjoy watching her spread her loot out on the floor and opening each bag or card only to ooddle and awe with excitement over what she got from whom. She loves her friends and the relationship she has with each of them.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend with loved ones. Happy Valentines! Spread some love. Show someone you care.

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