Monday, February 22, 2010

...and you can be my Cowboy

We did it again! This time we spent our Sunday afternoon out on the rodeo grounds and experienced the carnival too. We had a wonderful family day except for some of the conversations occurring around us. Unfortunately we were privy to a little too much info, thanks! Wow people, grow up and find a more wholesome life. Anyway, that's another subject.

Sunday was family day at the rodeo which means we got in the gates for $3.00. This was an Awesome deal considering we used a tad more money than we planned in the carnival section. However, I was truly surprised to find all the barns and stalls completely empty of animals. We had a sad little girl but at least this was her second time out there and not the first one for this year.

This trip we peeked in all the barns just to make sure we didn't miss a stray animal then we journeyed through the animal petting barn again and took a quick stop by the SA Fire Dept firetruck (just for you dad!).

Next we headed to the HEB Buddy section again and checked out the Animal Follies show, another petting barn and to ride the ponies! I'm cracking up at the funny faces I caught in these pictures.

We also saw the amazing percheron horses. Those guys are HUGE, amazing and gorgeous! K was actually a little scared of them. I think she was scared because of their size. shock, shock. She was fine looking at them through their stall but as soon as they let two of them out while they cleaned out their stall she asked her daddy to hold her while we watched them. They were Huge, the pictures I took do not show how massive they actually were. For the horse inclined, they were all around 19 hands tall.

We then headed to the carnival. This was the first time K has been to a carnival. She had fun! She entered the gates as a typical little energizer bunny with the attitude of "lets try it all" but that attitude quickly changed into nervousness. I do think she would have played or tried almost every game if we let her costs too much dough kiddo! We did agree to let her try 3 games and then we started looking for a few rides. She surprised me with the rides though. She was scared of several of them. WHAT!!! Even after all the Disn*y rides and all the other parks we have been too??? She finally warmed up to riding a merry-go-round after a while and she drove a firetruck like a crazy woman. Next we found about 3 more rides that were not "too scary" before we traveled up the Ferris wheel as a family. By the way, notice the look on K's face in the bumper cars with Wade. I think it will give you an idea of how she felt about driving them with her daddy. She asked to ride on it with him but then something happened once they strapped her in and they turned on the breaker. Priceless picture though

Overall, it was another great family experience and I know we all are ready for next years show.

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Jcbaron99 said...

So fun!! Thanks for sharing - great pictures!