Thursday, March 11, 2010

Celebrating a Life

Some may know this about me and others may not. I think I am predominately an emotional person. I cry at commercials, movies, special moments, weddings, funerals, etc. I am "moved" by many situations including music. yep! I would be classified by some as sensitive. In Oct 2008 I was moved by the life and love of a family I have only known for four years now. One of K's best friends from Parkhi!ls lost his oldest brother to a tragic skateboarding accident. From the moment I found out about the incident I was shaken to my core. I think I could not stop crying for two days. I also had the hardest time sleeping at night because I was worrying about this child fighting for his life, what his parents must be feeling as well as his other four younger siblings. I can even remember praying without ceasing for him and his family during his two weeks in the hospital and many weeks after he left our world. The oddest thing about this experience is that I had not met this boy but I was moved and devastated by the event. I know God always has a plan so I believe this was probably not by accident that I was so shocked. Today I can honestly say that I have witnessed in the last year and a half a family that is stronger than I could be and more giving than I could ever imagine as well as abundantly full of life. I am so happy God allowed our paths to cross.

Lindsey and K

Because this is our family blog I wanted to insert some info about the boy and his family. My goal is to continue to remember him and his family as often as possible. I even have two photo cards of Ian on our refrigerator so I can see his beautiful face and be reminded of what a special family he came from. As you will read below we attended the soccer game that was named after him. We went not only to support the scholarship cause but also the family as well as to give K a chance to see a real soccer game. Aren't you proud of us Kyle? !!! We sat beside some good friends of ours and one of K's BFFs. We really enjoyed ourselves and Wade and I agreed that we look forward to the days where we can go and support our daughters school. Soccer may be in our future, who knows?!!!

Ian C. F!ncke passed away at the age of 16 from injuries sustained in a tragic skateboarding accident on October 5th 2008. Ian loved to play soccer and prior to transferring to J*hnson High School, he played soccer for Re@gan High School. In a wonderful tribute to Ian, the varsity soccer game between J*hnson High School and
Re@gan High School was played in his honor on Tuesday March 9th @ 7:00PM at Bl*ssom Athletic Center. The game was dubbed “The F!ncke Cup” and a beautiful trophy was awarded to the winning team. A college scholarship was also given to a graduating senior from the winning team in Ian's name, as voted on by the seniors from the losing team based on team spirit and sportsmanship. This was the first of what many hope to be an annual event with the trophy to be passed back and forth between the two schools for years to come. Friends and family can still contribute by charitable donations to the scholarship fund or by purchasing an event t‐shirt by contacting the F!ncke family directly at Contributions to the scholarship fund can be made directly at any Wells F@rgo branch location under the name “Ian F!ncke Scholarship Fund”. Also after Ian's death his cousin started a jewelry line and a portion of the proceeds from the jewelry purchased “” will also be donated to the scholarship fund.

I would also like to post a note that Stephanie (Ian's mom) sent to us the day after the event and she attached this info... "A special thanks to all of you for your love and support!. The F!ncke Cup took place last night and Re@gan High School
won the award with a final score of 5-1. The scholarship award was presented to Bern@rdo De Alb@, one of Ian's close friends who was also wearing Ian's old jersey number. The scholarship will be awarded at the soccer banquet in April. We will continue to collect donations to the scholarship fund at all Wells F@rgo Branch locations under "The Ian F!ncke Scholarship Fund". We will also continue to sell t-shirts. If anyone is interested please contact me. It was a very special and memorable night. If you are interested in seeing highlights from the game it made the front page of the San Antonio Express News
I'd like to share something that was passed on to us from a dear friend that truly gave us goose bumps last night. During the game there was a power outage near our home which caused a complete blackout in our neighborhood as well as the nearby shopping center. The only thing that was lit up was a large cross that was glowing purple at Concordia Church across the street from where we live. I truly love those little signs that Ian is still with us! :) "
Stephanie, Chris and Family

The glowing purple cross... is really wild to me mostly because Ian's favorite color was purple, the cross was glowing purple at their church and the neighborhood, church and shopping center that was without power for awhile is a huge area. Our shirts are purple and the wristbands that his friends and family still wear are purple. I think it's amazing and I definitely believe in signs. Thank you God for this sign.


Jill said...

i remember reading that about the purple cross and thinking how awesome our God is that He gave Ian's family such a clear sign. what good friends you are to not only that family, but to so many others!! :)

Ian's Charm said...

Thank you for your kind words! Ian has left an enormous void in all of our hearts, but it is always comforting to hear stories of how he touched the hearts and souls of others. I know I miss him terribly and look for the little signs each day that confirm he is still with me! God Bless!