Saturday, March 13, 2010

Moose and Muffins

Wade, K and I went to see the If you give a M**se a Muffin play based on the book by Laura Numer*ff at the M@gik Theatre Friday night. I have not laughed that much and that hard in a looooooonnnng time! I especially loved the dance scene!!! I just wish I could remember all the cool songs they jammed to. This show was Too cute and I give the three actors 5 stars for a great performance.

For reference the book reads something like this... If a big, hungry moose comes to visit you... Would you give him a muffin? Would you make him feel at home? If you do give him a muffin, he'll probably want some jam to go with it! YIKES!!! And then you'll realize you are out of muffins so you'll have to go to the store but... the moose will say he is cold and wants a sweater and that sweater will remind him of sock puppets and WOW things get more wacky with each passing moment.

Wade says he would give the actors 5 muffins. Not 6 because he thinks the most you can give is 5 not any more or any less. He is obviously not the baker in the family! We all know when baking you either have half a dozen (6 dear) or a dozen (12 dear). He was extremely impressed with the moose's artistic ability. He was quite surprised to see the moose making sock puppets and putting on a sock puppet show which was entertaining.

K loved the play too. It was so sweet looking over at her seeing her smiling face or hearing her full belly laugh. The girl does not hold it back. She did get a little scared when all of the furniture started breaking because the moose was trying to find a place to sit. It was quite loud and it made me jump once because I was not expecting it. She says her favorite scene was when the moose would try to go in or out of the house and his antlers would get stuck on the doorway. Again, I get another full belly laugh while she is trying to explain in detail that part.

Heston, Noah and K

We realized shortly after sitting down that our friends the Taylor's from church were not but four seats from us so after the show we all chatted and headed for Ice Cream and a good stroll around the riverwalk. It was a beautiful evening with lots of great family time, good company, some laughing and we can't forget the ice cream. I am sure you guessed there were picture worthy moments with the Ice Cream...

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Jcbaron99 said...

We miss the Magic Theatre so much. Such good shows there!!! I saw your comment and it has actually been THREE years!! I know!!! I wasn't even pregnant with her when we left. :-( John will be in SA the last week and a half of April. Not sure if we are coming or not.