Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Impromptu Easter Egg Hunt

Some of our good friends invited K and I to join them at an Easter Egg Hunt that was scheduled for a M0Ps (m0thers of pr*schoolers) group here in town on Tuesday. We were quite pleasantly surprised to be asked because of the short notice and completely unprepared to go but we decided it was a beautiful day and why not carpe diem! We made a very quick trip to our favorite T@rget store and picked up a few candy filled eggs, a cheap Easter basket and headed to W@lker R@nch Park to join them. It was an excellent impromptu decision! K had the opportunity to spend some more time running and playing with a good friend while enjoying the outdoors on a gorgeous day and it gave me more adult time. That's a win-win situation for all of us. It really is a great blessing to have the opportunity to jump at a moments notice and go with the flow. I truly enjoy having a flexible schedule and friends that ask us to join them for an event.

I did not have my favorite camera because this was completely unplanned but thank goodness for my point & shoot. It met our needs for the event and day and my photography software helped me to clear up a few minor issues.

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