Friday, March 26, 2010

Smiles, Fun and Friendship

Its been dubbed the "Best Day Ever" by not just one but two very good lil girl friends. K, Lindsey, Melissa and I headed over to the Kiddi* Park here in town on Tuesday after an early release day from school. The schools here in N*ISD closed early the week after spring break for teacher in-service days and since the preschools follow the same schedule, we were out early too. Lindsey's mommy, Melissa and I had been trying to plan a playdate for a few weeks and before the break we agreed that if the weather was nice after the break we would get the girls together and head out for a picnic and some fun.

I discovered the park one of the few mornings I was home alone cleaning up some stuff. I had the tv on in the background and I saw on a local morning show a special on the renovation of this park and its long history. I mentioned it to Melissa and she being a local much longer than me knew about the park and was thrilled to hear they had renovated it. We took the morning show at its word and headed over there to check it out. It's a perfect place for a picnic lunch with some great friends and a great way to wear out the little ones. The four of us got to the park around 12:30 and for a very reasonable price we got unlimited tickets to the rides. The girls rode the rides until 5pm. Can you believe they had almost a full 5 hours of fun?

I would recommend this park for something different to do here in town. I wish they had a few more ride choices but it is still a cute fun place. I must admit, I am so spoiled here. Course, lets not forget so is my child! SA has so many wonderful attractions for the kiddos.

Look at this very brave little girl. K would NOT go for a bird or two on her!

This was hilarious and amazing. This guy put this bird on the rope and he and K swung the rope like a jump rope and the bird spun around and around and around. Then he slid up and down the rope to K then back to his owner. The kids got a kick out of it.

K did have a first at the park. She got her first taste or experience with cotton candy. So did Lindsey. Melissa and I laughed so hard. They were especially cute. K had cotton candy stuck to the bottom of her chin (like a goatee) and all around her lips with a small bit on her nose. It was too funny! I wish I had pictures of it but my cameras SD card decided to act up and I am missing about twenty pictures from the day. And, well, the cotton candy experience was part of the MIA ones. Maybe Melissa will have some of them?

Can you tell these two could not get enough of this ride. I think they went around three times on two separate occasions. Fun!

This place brought back many fun memories for me. We had a park in WF very similar to the one here in town but it was called Funl@nd. It really is too bad that WF did not keep up with that little park too. I think when I go back home some time I may need to ravage through some pictures and possibly scan in some memories of me, Kyle and my cousins in that park. K would get a kick out of them surely.

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Jill said...

i have been wanting to take the kids to kiddie park. there are pictures of me in the boats when i was it's an OLD park :) but we used to LOVE it and had several birthday parties there. i think the kiddie coaster is gone, but the rest is still the same according to jaime.
it looks like the girls had a great time!!