Monday, April 5, 2010

A Day to Celebrate and Reflect

Today is my Dad's Birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!!!

If someone were to ask me about my dad, I would describe him this way.
My dad is hard working. My whole life I have witnessed him working hard for our family. While Kyle and I were young it was in many, many ways. At home he was the fix-it handy man and actually not the Bil! C0sby type. He could fix whatever it was, lights, water leaks, paint, build whatever, tear apart, you name it. He was also handy outside the house as well. He has built many outdoor structures, landscaped many yards and taken care of our cars. It was nice knowing he could help if I messed something up or we needed something fixed. Even now I feel like I can call him for the little things and ask for an opinion. At church he taught for many years Sunday school to kids our age. He was also active in several sporting activities. Not only would he play on leagues but he coached more games than I can remember of Kyles soccer, football, basketball and baseball teams.

He is dependable. Even though he worked hard and traveled a lot. I cannot remember him missing a singing competition, modeling appointment, basketball game, track meet, band show, choir performance or pageant unless something really important was going on. It was comforting knowing my parents were there not only because they were physically there as our cheerleaders but also for the moral and constructive support.

Dad is also very level-headed. I think I can only recall a handful of times that I have seen or heard him mad. I'd say that is good. Many times during my working years I would call him for business advice or as a sounding board for something I was doing or thinking about. Thanks for being a good listerner dad.

Thanks for being hard working, dependable and level-headed. I could not have asked for more. You definitely set up an expectation for my future husband all those years ago. (I found him too.) I love you dad.

K wants to say... Papa you're a funny bunny! (a phrase they use with each other) She loves to play with you and tease you. Thank you for taking care of all the bees. She is happy you married her Mimi and are taking care of her. She thinks you are kind and she says she loves you. (blowing kisses)

K and I recorded a birthday message to him yesterday after church and we really wanted to email it to him today but it seems the file is way too big. We cannot get it to compress any...thank goodness I have a blog. We'll post that puppy here and let the world's your birthday dad! Enjoy your cake and have a piece for us and some ice cream too! We all hope you have a wonderful Birthday. Sorry we cannot take you to dinner or sing to you in person. We Love you and hope to see you soon. Hugs

Probably not the best idea to let K eat that big ole marshmellow cookie right before recording that video.


Jill said...

aren't we lucky to have wonderful dads?! (and husbands!)
happy birthday to your dad!!

Jaime said...

That is so sweet, Kristin. I know you are so blessed to have him.